Travel Insurance Coverage


Travel insurance is an easy and affordable way to protect yourself and your trip from unexpected changes in your health or other life events.

We offer a variety of travel products with different types of benefits, so you can choose the best plan for your specific trip.



Trip Protection Insurance (US Residents)
International Trip Protection (Non-US Residents)

A lot can happen to disrupt a trip! Fortunately, trip protection plans make dealing with those disruptions much easier. We can cover non-refundable costs in case of sudden illness days before your trip, emergency medical expenses while traveling, lost stolen or damaged luggage. Plans also come with 24/7 multilingual travel assistance while you are away.

International Travel Medical:

Did you know? Your health insurance at home may not cover you when you travel abroad. That means you’re responsible for the bill if you get sick or injured. Also, medical providers in foreign countries may require you to pay for services before they will treat you.

For a small daily fee, our international travel medical plans protect you when you travel outside your home country. You receive medical coverage, an extensive network of worldwide health care providers, and 24-hour multilingual travel assistance.

Visitor & Immigrant Insurance

f you are a non-United States citizen, our plans protect you for new accidents and illnesses while you are in the USA. Our low cost scheduled benefit plans provide coverage you need at an affordable price. Plans are flexible to cover the length of time you need insurance, and there are NO QUESTIONS about your health.

GEOGRAPHIC RESTRICTIONS - Locations that do not participate in our plans: Maryland, New York, South Dakota, Washington state, Australia, Canada, Islamic Republic of Iran, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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